Preferred Offices offers office space, meeting space, and virtual offices to growing corporate

clients via its network of independent office business centers. The largest network of its kind in North America,

Preferred offers clients revolutionary benefits in 400+ business center locations.

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At Preferred Offices, clients enjoy access to our entire network of 400+ workplaces with simple and flexible solutions that makes entering new markets a breeze.

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onepointofcontact Manage your company's portfolio
with ease.

Your dedicated Account Manager will provide fast and effective solutions to meet your national expansion plans.
onemasteragreement One simple master agreement for your entire portfolio.
Accelerate your speed to market when opening and managing a new office and use fewer corporate resources.
oneinvoice One national network, one bill.
Our consolidated bill allows you to see the big picture and focus on controlling costs in a simpler, more efficient way.
Whether you need 3 locations or 30, finally there is a workplace solution that is as easy to obtain as checking into a hotel, and as easy to shed as checking out of one.
nosurprises Never get caught in an auto-renewing agreement again. noneedtopredictthefuture No long-term commitment. noriskexpansion Reach into new markets quickly and without hesitation. nocapitaloutlay Our Class A business centers have everything you need.
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October 16, 2014 - Preferred Offices Grows to 350 Locations
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